Get Up, Get Down!

By Michele Burmaster


This time of year, the media and fitness industry are infamous for using guilt and shame tactics to make us feel inadequate and make a ton of money off of us. I like to proactively combat this messaging in my own life by expressing gratitude for what my body is and what it can do for me.

I have a drill that I like to use to remind folks of how amazing their bodies are, how fast they adapt and gain strength, and how challenge doesn’t have to be intimidating – it can be fun and still result in growth. This drill is called the Get Up Get Down Drill.

There are a ton of benefits to the Get Up Get Down Drill. Number one is that you’re practicing a survival skill. If you were to fall while injuring yourself, you’ll have the strength, mobility, and practice it would take to mobilize yourself and get to help.

Another benefit is that you’re actually gaining full body strength every single time you do this. If only done one time per day or every few days, you’ll still be able to measure your progress as well as scale the drill to make it more difficult.

The best part about the Get Up Get Down Drill is that every person does it a different way, at the level that is challenging enough for them to result in growth, and some version of it can be done by almost anyone.

Before beginning, ensure that you have a clear floor space, at least enough room to lie down and spread out into a snow angel, plus a foot on each side. I cannot stress safety enough. It’s important to follow the progression one level at a time. Work on that level until you don’t have a doubt in your mind that you can complete it safely and with strength and confidence, and are ready to take on a new challenge.

Here’s the typical progression for the Get Up Get Down Drill:


  1. Lying on your back on the floor with as much of your body in contact with the ground as possible without discomfort, use whatever body parts and movements you have to get up to your feet in a standing position. Then get back down on the ground into the position you began in. This is the Get Up Get Down.
    1. Some individuals might utilize a tool or a prop (chair, foam roller, cane) to assist with the drill.
  2. Get Up Get Down by choosing only one hand that is allowed to make contact with the ground throughout the drill.
  3. Get Up Get Down by not allowing either hand to make contact with the ground.
  4. Get Up Get Down while holding a small object (less than 5lbs).
  5. Get Up Get Down while holding a larger object (over 10lbs).
  6. Get Up Get Down while holding a cumbersome object (a bag of something, for example).


If at any point you feel pain, please stop and consult a doctor.

It might take someone a year to complete a level and move onto the next. It might take someone a month. Just doing it once adds to your overall strength and ability, so give it a shot!


By Michele Brumaster – disrupt your diet & body positive fitness alliance

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