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plus modelMeet Ashley, an accountant by day and blogger/YouTuber on nights and weekends. 

In March 2016 Ashley started her blog From Head to Curve and is “obsessed with blogging and helping other women. I share a lot of things that help me build confidence and fight depression each and every day. I enjoy my life & body! I no longer need permission to love myself as I am.” 

plus modelAshley’s best recipe for building confidence? “Get naked! I am so serious. I realized that other girls don’t mind showing me their bodies without permission in the dressing room so why do I feel like I need to hide mine? I began to get so comfortable with myself that I didn’t care who was around and what they thought. I also got complimented for having so much confidence from girls that struggled with body insecurities and weren’t even plus size! So even if you need to start at home, walk around in only your underwear and stop saying negative things to yourself! Appreciate your body and all it has done for you.” 

plus modelAshley thinks bloggers and models are equally important and influential in the plus size fashion world. “From what I can see, our plus size models show us what is available in the higher end of fashion. Our plus size bloggers vary in more sizes than our plus size models. So bloggers tend to be easier to connect with, because of the size range and price range presented in our content. I think both bloggers and models help each other fill in the gap for the plus size industry. We need to be able to have the choice of high end or moderately priced fashion; we do not need that choice made for us. We both play a strong role in connecting with brands, and letting them know what plus size women need in fashion.” 

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