Sometimes, even a redecorated and refinished room isn’t quite finished—if you know what we mean. Often, you’ll finish painting the walls, hanging the drapes, and picking and placing the perfect furniture, but even when all is said and done, it still looks like you need a little something extra. Fortunately, that’s easily fixed. There are attractive side pieces, accents, and additions that can fill in the spaces and smarten up the place. Here’s a list of furniture that adds a finishing touch to any room.

Greenery & Potted Plants

Nothing makes a room come to life more than a few well-appointed potted plants. Pots come in wood, metal, ceramic, and so many other materials, and they’re as much furniture as any couch or chair. If the room gets plenty of sunlight, take advantage of the fact and enjoy the refreshing pop of green they provide and any flowers they produce. Plants also freshen up the air and give off scents that can make a room seem less stuffy. A big potted indoor tree can also provide an ever-growing centerpiece of inspiration and conversation. Pick a lemon tree for added sweetness and loveliness in the room. Whatever you incorporate, keep them well-watered!

Cedar Chests

When looking for furniture that adds a finishing touch to any room, you can’t beat a cedar chest. Cedar chests are multi-functional, serving as coffee tables, benches, storage space, and entryway surfaces. The pleasant scent of cedar wood is always a plus in any room as well, and the rich color of the wood, even when unstained and unfinished, provides a rustic and rugged look that remains pleasantly elegant in its own uncomplicated way. Cedar chests often make for great gifts and can be handed down through the generations as well.

Musical Instruments

Even if you’re not musically inclined, musical instruments can make an otherwise humdrum room “sing.” Antique instruments are already lovely on their own, projecting images of grace and sophistication. Stands are available to prop up and display guitars, mandolins, violins, and other stringed instruments, and you can hang them on the wall much like any other piece of art. A stand-up piano is another uncommon piece that can serve as a display area or objet d’art on its own. And who knows, you might find the inspiration to learn how to play it as well!

Elegant Mirrors

Even if you don’t trust your sense of style when it comes to choosing pieces of art to hang, you can’t go wrong with a mirror. Mirrors reflect light, make rooms look larger, and even reflect and highlight the pieces already present in a room. Choose a big mirror—but not too big for the space—or set up several in a row for better effect. Eclecticism rules here, and several styles of mirrors can break up the monotony of a blank wall. Mirrors can help you become a master of aesthetic illusion!

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