Get Comfortable with Eating… Everything! 

Written by: Beth Rosen, MS, RD, CDN 


Fall is the time of year when the days becoming shorter, the air becomes colder and our sofas become cozier. Food cravings may change at this time of year because our brains are working to maintain the balance of that feel-good hormone, serotonin.By doing so, we may be eating mindlessly and past fullness. Here are some tips for finding comfort in food while also striving towards competent eating.


Focus on food 

Multitasking while eating, such as working at the computer or binge-watching your favorite show, can cause you to fill up without noticing. Begin to pay attention to what you’re eating rather than what is on your screen.


foodCurious chatter 

Becoming curious about your food helps to remove judgmental thoughts and helps you determine your food preferences. While eating, ask yourself some questions: “Do I like this texture/temperature/flavor? Do I even like this food?” These types of questions will increase your awareness and allow you to adjust your food categories from “good” and “bad” to “like” and “dislike.”


Brownies as a Band-Aid

Food cannot heal all that ails us. Using food as a coping mechanism for pain, loneliness or boredom is only a temporary solution. Finding comfort in food is perfectly acceptable, but to fix what food can’t, you may want to connect with others or seek professional help.


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