You might be in the middle of welcoming the fall season with pumpkin and apple galore, but with the new season comes the inevitable merry thoughts of the holidays. While you may not be jumping for your gift list just yet, there’s one thing you’re dreading, and it’s the time-consuming hours of wrapping each gift.

Gift wrapping might not be right up your alley, and that’s absolutely fine. But before you throw in the tape and scissors, allow the following gift-wrapping dos and don’ts of the season to guide you to a better presentation.

DO Use a Box

While you can wrap virtually anything in its natural state, no one says you have to put yourself through such torture. The rule of thumb is to place all your gifts in a box; it provides a familiar shape that is easy to wrap.

DO Use Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can be your best friend while gift wrapping! Not only does it stay in place, but it remains out of sight and out of mind for a cleaner appearance.

DO Get Creative

Gift wrapping does not have to be stressful or monotonous. Feel free to let inspiration take over with different gift-wrapping techniques and paper patterns to customize gifts to each recipient. If you want to add some unique final touches to your decorating, choose a ribbon specific to your needs to create big, beautiful bows or intricate wrapping.

DON’T Use More Paper Than You Need

It’s a common mistake, but cutting too much paper is both a headache to deal with and detrimental to your gift-wrap supply. To avoid needing an impromptu drive to the nearest party store, measure the gift box with the paper, then cut about an inch of overlap for some wiggle room.

DON’T Forget to Place The Gift Box Upside Down

Placing the gift box upside down gives you a clear indicator of where the paper’s seam will go. While this is an excellent practice to follow, you could honestly get away with it should you forget now and then. Place a stunning bow on top to divert the attention, and voila!

DON’T Cut Material With Dull Scissors

Why settle for the poorly cut paper and ribbon when using a fresh pair of sharp cutting tools is much more satisfying? Dull scissors can be the bane of anyone’s existence, and using them during wrapping can lead to poor presentation. So if your tools aren’t fit for the job, it’s best to toss them out.

While it feels that fall has just begun, now is the time to prepare for what’s to come. These gift-wrapping dos and don’ts will keep your presentation skills in great shape this season so that you can be the star of this year’s Secret Santa.

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