We Hear What the Mind Speaks

 We hear what the mind speaks – it speaks in volumes and bounds – and each of us holds a crown.  We must order our minds to reset to positivity in a world that can be filled with negativity. 


Each of us has a mind, a body, a soul.  To be happy within the skin you’re in, to believe that size does not define you as a person; we can reach for anything and everything with dedication, hard work and passion in all we do.  We are who we are and we are unique – it’s what sets us apart in the world. 

Each and everyone one of us has had hardships in life; we may have felt that we’re simply not good enough because we do not look a certain way.  I’m here to say, you ARE beautiful. You ARE what makes you… YOU!!!  

A billion voices rolled into one, we are the setting sun.  

The rising moon, the flowers that bloom.  

We are women, men, children; we are everything we want to be.  We want to be free, happy and living a life of bliss, so I tell you this.  Do not let the opinions of others hold you down, do not let anyone take away your invisible crown. 


Each of us wears the crown day and night.  We are courageous and we will continue the fight.  No one should shame another based on what someone looks like.  We are human; we should all live as one.   

We are the new day’s sun. 

Inspiringly Yours,  

Elizabeth Blade 


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