Help Beat the Winter Blues

Help Beat the Winter Blues Bring with this One Move

Written by: Krystal Thompson 


The shorter daylight hours of winter can really affect one’s energy and enthusiasm for life. This heart opening backbend will help to boost vitality and bring back the joy! 

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The Camel (Ustrasana) 

Come to a kneeling position with your knees a little wider than hip-width. Notice what feels better for you, to have your toes tucked under or the tops of your feet on the floor. Either works. You can use a strap around your thighs for stability and a blanket under the knees for comfort. Press knees down and apart engaging the outer hips. Engage your core across the low belly, hugging the two sides of the front of your pelvis towards each other. Feel the legs and core strong and grounded. Bring your hands to your hips. Inhale and lengthen the spine. Exhale and lift the chest up and back as if you were bending over a giant wheel. Come back only as far as feels comfortable. This pose isn’t about how far back you go, but about the opening and uplifting of your chest. If you are able to reach your heels with your hands you can, or you can keep the hands on the hips. Hold for two breaths breathing into an open heart. On an exhale use your leg and core strength to rise back to kneeling. Come to rest in child’s pose for a few breaths noticing the effects of camel pose in your body and mind.

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