Holiday Glam with Dioné Cosmetics 

With the holidays upon us, we thought we’d share how to get a glamorous, festive holiday look using some of our products.  

Step 1: It’s important to prime any base prior to application. Using an eye shadow primer allows you to get maximum payoff that is true to color, all the while aiding in the longevity of the shadow. Say good-bye to party makeup meltdowns using an eye primer like our i-Primer in light.  

Application tip: Apply a thin, even layer on the lid (or anywhere you want to apply shadow) using your ring finger. 


Step 2: Using the right tools for the job is crucial in any area. For shadow application, the right brush goes a long way. To achieve a glamorous look for your holiday parties, use the “blender brush,” a tapered round brush designed to defuse color and blend it out seamlessly. Pick up a dark, matte shade like “Raven” and add this color to the outer corner of the eye using back and forth and circular motions gradually into the crease of the eye.  Add more color to build the intensity you are trying to achieve. Next, take our “Flat Shadow” brush and pick up a shimmery color like “Atomic” and apply it to the lid to create a contrast that will make your eyes pop. Finally, using the same “Flat Shadow” brush, take a frosty shadow like “Frost Bite” and place this color in the inner corner of the eye to create an illuminating, well-rested eye.  

Application tip: Start with the matte color and work your way in. This ensures that the shimmer won’t get mixed into the matte during the blending process. Finally, remember makeup is a lot like baking. You can add more as needed but it is hard to take away, so work with tiny amounts to build the color you desire. 


Step 3: A holiday look lends itself easily to a winged liner. Luckily, Dioné has you covered with our Dual Tipped Liquid Eye Pen. One side is a traditional felt tip with a wider base to get a bold, attention-grabbing line; the other side is a nylon brush tip, excellent for pinpoint precision. Start at the outer corner of your eye, and create your wing as if your lower lash line continued upward. Extend the wing as long as you wish. Next, in the middle of the eye, draw out to connect to the wing and then fill in the gaps, adding the thickness you desire. Finally, after that, draw a thin line connecting the inner corner to the middle. After your liner is applied, take your time to perfect and even it out.  

Application tip: Work slow and steady. If need be, prop your arm up on a table to keep your hand steady. Lastly, use the body of the brush for the bulk of the application and the tip of the brush for detail work.  


Step 4: Apply a generous coat of mascara. Our “Volumizing Mascara” is a water resistant formulation that dries down and won’t budge until you want it off. To take your glam look to the next level, add a pair of falsies. They can elevate any look. 

Application tip: If applying false lashes, make sure to give ample time for the glue to get tacky.  

Step 5: The holiday season begs for a fierce red lip. Dioné has the PERFECT red for said occasions. “Rochelle Rochelle” is a matte, long-lasting formula that will stay with you throughout all the potlucks, eggnog, and mistletoe.  

Application tip: Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick for a more precise application. 


Step 6: The final touch to any look is a nice layer of highlight on the high points of the face. Apply “Gilded” highlighter to the cheekbone, temple, tip of the nose and cupid’s bow for a fresh, festive face.  

Happy holidays from Dioné Cosmetics!


Samantha Green ( on IG) is the makeup artist in the photos. She also did her own hair. She is also wearing Pennigton’s “Tess Holliday” collection.

The photographer is Ashley Daigle (@photographybyashleydaigle on IG).

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