How To Develop Your Own Unique Personal Style

Looking good means more than wearing what’s currently trending. Many people struggle with the concept of a personal style. It can be tricky to decide where commonplace vogue stops and where you begin. Achieving a look that is all you is so worth the effort, though. Developing your own unique personal style just takes time and consideration. Be patient with yourself, and, most of all, have fun on your fashion journey!

What Is Personal Style?

We’re putting all the emphasis on personal. Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinions about what is cool or what you should or shouldn’t wear. All that matters is what you think looks good on your body. Personal style is about having a well-informed opinion and developing your tastes. To build a style, start by simply learning about fashion throughout the years. Your look does not have to come from this year or last year’s top looks.

Investigate as far back as you’d like, deep into the archives of fashion around the world and from decades or even centuries ago. The more you know about how fashion has evolved, the more you’ll be able to draw from any period to build a new look. You’ll fall in love with different styles of clothing and gradually find your preferences in color coordination, cut, and form, in addition to era styles.

Assessing Formality Options

While checking out fashion through the years, you will undoubtedly encounter formality expectations. We as a culture have gradually moved away from the need to look perfect 24/7 in collective preference for the casual and comfortable. However, even in modern styles, there are many degrees of formal wear. You may be a yoga-pants-every-day kind of person or a strictly suits-and-gowns sort. Regardless, there’s no reason why you can’t play around with adding touches of the formal and informal, respectively.

For formal wear, subtle adjustments make all the difference. Try out a more eccentric tie, unbutton your blazer, or find a suit in a wild color or pattern. Dresses are even easier to customize. Throw on a more casual blouse, experiment with playful styles of jewelry, or even hike up the skirt a bit to show off those leggings! On the informal side, flip the logic. Try a dressier top or bottom, explore subtle and delicate accessories, and utilize more business-friendly colors and patterns.

Building a Modular Wardrobe

 Once you have a grasp on your basic style and have a few ideas for changing it up, you can build a fashion wardrobe. The idea behind this is to collect a good mix of clothing and accessories that encapsulate your style. Try not to pick out any one piece that will only go with one or two things. Rather than building strict outfits, you want to bring together many elements that you’ll be able to easily and freely swap out. In this way, you’ll have endless combinations, all of which uniquely represent you. The more you play around with combinations, the more clearly you’ll understand how to develop your own unique personal style on your terms!

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