There’s nothing quite like the first date jitters. Will there be sparks? Will you two hit it off? Feeling nervous is normal. A lot of people will share different ways on how to get ready for the first date—do what works best. You could pamper yourself before you go out. Take a warm bath, do a face mask, or listen to your favorite song. It’s going to be amazing! Keeping yourself calm and happy is one of the steps to getting ready for that first date.

Plan a Place

When you talk to your date, have a time and place scheduled. It’s a good idea to keep this in a public location, especially if it’s your first time meeting. As you choose a place, try picking it together, so you’re both comfortable and happy.

Go for a place the two of you can talk. Sure, movie dates are fun, but it’s hard to know if you two click when you can’t speak to each other. If you’re looking for some inspiration, some fun ideas include:

  • Walking in town
  • A coffee date
  • Getting a meal

A healthy relationship needs proper communication, so start off on the right foot.

Think of Conversation

Communication is key. But how are you supposed to get into an engaging conversation with someone you’ve never met? Think about what you and your date have discussed over text and take mental notes. If they’ve mentioned any hobbies or pets, bring those up. Not only do you show interest, but it also makes your date feel special!

Dress Up

Before you rush out the door, get yourself ready. Go out with a friend and buy a stylish outfit, or get a trendy manicure. Feeling beautiful and comfortable is a confidence booster! Remember, you’re not necessarily beautifying yourself for your date—you’re doing this for yourself. Nothing’s better than some self-pampering.

Talk to a Friend

If you’re nervous, call a friend to talk. You can’t control whether you and your date have chemistry, but you can control how you feel. A great friend is always in your corner and ready to give you a pep talk. Then, you’ll walk into the date with confidence!

Say Hello

Many tips you read on how to get ready for the first date say to contact the person beforehand—and they’re right. No one likes radio silence. Send your date a text or give them a quick call since they’re likely as nervous as you.

A quick bit of conversation gets the ball rolling—it gives you something to talk about when you meet. Don’t overthink your message. You can ask them how they are and confirm the date details; then, tell them you’re excited to see them!

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