Creating a space for you to recover after a long day—good or bad—is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with your home and yourself. Your bedroom is a private space where you end and begin your day, giving this room a ton of power (and you, as its designer, just as much). If you’re looking to have a place in your home where you can decompress and feel peaceful, these tips on how to give your bedroom that relaxed vibe will show you the foundational changes to make, no matter the aesthetic you choose.

Soft Lights, Soft Tones, Soft Everything

Light and gentle tones are known to have a soothing effect on a room’s atmosphere. Using colors that range from soft pastels to even soft black tones with slight tints of color can bring out that sense of calm. Soft lighting can also impact the room’s vibe, so opt for gentle LEDs, covered lights, or using a light dimmer to create the perfect mood as needed.

Use Cozy Textures

Texture plays a surprising role in how you feel about a space. Knowing which textures you do and don’t like comes first. Options for bringing softness to your room include faux furs, jumbo yarn blankets, or natural textures like bamboo rugs that add something delicate to a harsh hardwood floor. Mixing a room’s design with new elements is tricky, so use caution when bringing patterns and textures into your room’s aesthetic.

Keep Clutter Under Control

The most impactful choice you can make to create a room that you feel peaceful in is keeping it clean. Often, the state of our personal spaces reflects our current state of mind. So, taking control and organizing a space again is a step towards taking care of yourself too. Limiting the items you keep in your bedroom to what performs a function can help you stay distraction-free and find relaxation in the space. This means moving décor and knickknacks to more general use areas and keeping a book or two, bed sheets or spare pillows, and a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Giving your bedroom a relaxing vibe is a perfect gift to yourself. Building a space that you feel secure and serene in may improve your sleep and help you start your day off right. A relaxing bedroom also functions as an escape from how busy the rest of your life can become, allowing you the opportunity to lay back and genuinely rest.

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