How To Love Your Body Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

by Sophia Apostal

As I tugged at the poolside lounge chair, I felt something pull in my back. I slowly stood up and sharp pain exploded across my back, wrapping around my front like an unwelcome bear hug. My back was sprained and my mood was dark. Lying on my side, feeling betrayed by my body, I was as far away from body acceptance as I’d been back on the first day of grade 9 hoping my red bodysuit, denim sleeveless shirt, and jean shorts would hide the body underneath.

Body confidence feels easy when I’m out with my girlfriends who love me, wearing my fave dress that hugs my curves just so, and being all sassy and sparkly. But when we’re injured physically or emotionally, body positivity gets hard and requires that we dig deep into our resilience and courage.

Here are 3 things to do when you’re not feeling the body love:

  1. Get Curious: In a non-judgmental way, ask yourself what’s underneath your fear, frustration, and anger. Questions like… What am I really worried about? What’s underneath the emotion I’m feeling? What’s true? What’s not true?
  2. Get Love: When you can’t find the love inside, go outside. Call your bestie, your mom, your boo – someone who really sees the truly magnificent woman you are and can mirror that back to you. Asking for help can feel vulnerable, and it’s so worth it! I mean, you’d do it for them, wouldn’t you? So, now it’s your turn to receive love and support.
  3. Get Pampered: If a good friend were in your situation, what would you do to take care of them and honor their feelings? Flowers? Chicken soup? A walk in a park? Now, do that for yourself. Pampering yourself like you would do for someone you love is like sending a message straight to your heart that YOU’RE WORTH IT! This actually heals feelings of body shame (a neuroscience fact, my dears!).


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