The cosmetics umbrella is wide. There are so many items that fall under that scope, and the competition is even wider. You might have the best products out there, but people can’t tell just by looking at the container. There needs to be something special about the outer package to draw attention. Read on to learn how to make your cosmetics stand out on the shelf.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

First things first, whom are you trying to sell to? Knowing the target audience of your products will make marketing to them easier. You can base the design and features of the product on things that you know will appeal to that demographic.

Place images of people or items on the cover of the container that you know will catch the attention of your audience. For example, if you’re selling an anti-aging cream, it would be ideal to use the image of an older woman with fresh-looking skin.

Keep Things Simple, but Not Too Simple

Believe it or not, less is more in the cosmetic business. Don’t go too dramatic with the designs and creativity of your packaging. Sometimes making things too busy will turn off potential customers. Your packing could potentially confuse your customers.

It’s better for them to know what the purpose of the cosmetic is rather than having to guess. However, this doesn’t mean you should use generic designs. Using creative and quality packaging lets customers know they can trust the products inside. For example, foil stamps are perfect for cosmetics since the foil makes the packaging look sleek and professional without making the design too overwhelming.

Make Your Packaging Relevant

A design that looks out of place on a product’s packaging won’t work. Specificity is key. The more specific a design is, the more likely it will attract the demographic you’re after. Don’t try to stray too far from styles that always work.

Being an individual is always important, but if there’s proof that a certain style or design works well for your target audience, find a way to incorporate it into the company’s style. It’s important to make the packaging relevant to the market and the current time period.

Stick With Your Brand’s Personality

The brand personality is where true individualism has a chance to shine. The cosmetic business is full of companies selling similar products, but sometimes people shop because of the brand and not the product. If your company has a good track record with its customers, highlight that in the packaging.

Use the brand’s personality to create a bridge between the ideal buyer and the product. The brand should help the product tell a story.

Making your cosmetics stand out on the shelves is the first hurdle you need to get through. Once customers purchase the product, they’ll fall in love with it.

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