Summer is nearing its end, and the season of cooler days and brightly colored foliage is on its way. It’s about time to start transitioning various areas of your lifestyle to account for the new weather conditions. From changing your wardrobe to performing the essential maintenance tasks on your home, this involves many different things. However, it’s vital that you don’t forget about your hair.

Like your skin, your hair goes through a series of changes as the weather fluctuates, and adjusting your routine now can save you from a season of dry, damaged locks. This is how to prepare your hair for the fall season.

Moisturize Every Time You Wash

Every time you wash your hair, you’re stripping the strands of their natural oils along with the dirt and grime. This leaves your hair dry and susceptible to breakage from the elements. Since fall weather has less humidity than summer, your hair has no other way to replenish its lost hydration. Applying a hair moisturizer after each wash helps lock in those oils and keeps your hair healthy.

Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

Your hair can also benefit from deep conditioning treatments when transitioning into fall. Like moisturizers, these products infuse your hair with essential oils and nutrients. They work to soften your hair and reduce the need for excessive brushing that causes split ends and premature dryness.

Get Regular Trims

Another effective way to prepare your hair for the fall season is to cut it regularly. While many individuals like to grow their hair out before the temperature officially drops, frequent trims keep it tame and looking how you want. Cutting away the split ends with a pair of professional styling shears maintains a crisp edge and keeps the rest of your hair healthier over the next few months.

Drink More Water

We recommend that you try to drink more water during this time. The more liquids you drink, the more resources your body has at its disposal. So, by incorporating additional water into your diet, you’re providing your body with enough to hydrate your skin, nails, and hair. This way, your hair will stay strong enough to fight off the development of split ends and texture changes.

In properly preparing your hair for the upcoming seasonal change, you’re not only minimizing your risk of bad hair days but also keeping your hair healthier long-term. This way, you can present your best look to the world—no matter the time of year.

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