If you own both an inexpensive and a luxury car, you know you treat each vehicle very differently. While you care for your cheap car enough to lock it and park it in safe locations, you protect your expensive car like it’s your baby. With so many car thieves on the prowl, you should learn some advice on how to protect your expensive car.

Don’t Make Your Car Easy To Steal

Every day, people make careless choices with their luxury cars and pay the consequences. As a luxury car owner, you should know better than to keep your car running or leave your keys in the vehicle. You also shouldn’t leave the windows open when parked. If you truly value your car, you should stay wary of the vulnerabilities that attract carjackers. Don’t give them the opportunity.

Etch Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) On Each Window

Police departments and insurance companies often recommend car owners get their VIN etched into all their windows. This method for protecting your expensive car involves engraving the 17-digit identification number using either mechanical, laser, or chemical processes. It takes about 15 minutes.

A VIN can help identify a missing car, which makes this practice an effective theft deterrent. If a car thief steals your luxury car with its VIN printed all over the windows, they would have to replace them all, which is prohibitively difficult and expensive.

Ship Discretely

When you ship an average car cross-country on open-air transport, you likely won’t be too concerned about theft. But if you do the same for a luxury car, you’ll give potential carjackers a free view of a possible steal. To avoid your car getting jacked at the next rest stop, you should ship it in an enclosed transport.

Enclosed transport shipping is a process by which vehicles and other protected goods get transported cross-country within large trucks. Completely blocked from view, nobody will know your car is on the road. By springing a little extra for this service, you can rest easy knowing your car is free from prying eyes.

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