North Americans are changing the way they eat and with snacking on the rise, healthy eating is often a challenge. However, grazing in moderation with wholesome options can help you maintain energy and ensure your body gets the calories and nutrients it needs.

Mix it up

Now, more than ever, we are incorporating smoothies into our diet. Perfect for taking on the go, these satiating snacks allow us to consume numerous healthy selections in one delicious drink. Blend your way to better snacking by mixing your favourite smoothie ingredients in a Vitamix 7500, which can process even the toughest whole food ingredients. When a craving hits, indulge in a nourishing smoothie.

Go nuts

How you fuel your body can make a difference in how you feel. Opt for high protein snacks, such as nuts and seeds, to keep full between meals. Nut butters provide a sweet and salty fix, and are a great way to add a dose of protein and healthy fat. Blend fresh peanut, almond or cashew butters and store in your refrigerator for easy access. Spread a serving on bananas, celery or crackers, and you’ve got a balanced snack.

Snacks to stash 

Stress may bring mindless munching. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy treats you can make yourself to satisfy cravings. If you’re a fan of chips, consider baking your own, which will enable control over fat and sodium content, and allow you to use all-natural ingredients. Pita chips hold up to dips like salsa, hummus and guacamole, which are loaded with nutrients and provide an alternative to more calorie-laden selections.

Satisfy your hunger

Eating well doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore. Choose items that are packed with fibre, protein or slow-digesting carbs to help you stay satisfied longer.

Thoughtful snacking allows you to maintain a balanced eating regime which helps with energy, mood and weight control. Nosh like a nutritionist and use quick bites to strategically maximize your nutrient intake.


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