Our clothing makes a statement about who we are. It’s all about finding the right price for the clothes you want. You don’t have to spend $100 on leggings; you can find quality clothing if you look in the right places. Girl, you can spend less on clothing and still look fashionable. Here’s how!

Buy Out of Season

Most retailers will offer a nice discount on out-of-season clothing to clear their shelves and prepare for the new season. This is the perfect time to snag some swimsuits in December or scarves in July.

Keep in mind that most stores won’t state on their website that they’re still selling last season’s clothes because they want you to buy their newer picks.

Head to your local retail store and stock up for the next season—so come December, while others are just buying their clothes, you’re already rocking that new peacoat you bought for half-off (we won’t tell).

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Shop smarter, not harder. Retailers like Kohl’s and Old Navy constantly have sales year-round. They’ll offer a deal just because it’s Tuesday!

Check online and learn which discounts you can take advantage of today. Sometimes they’ll allow you to combine online coupons with sale ad coupons.

However, just because there’s a sale doesn’t mean you need that clothing right now. Most people make the mistake of seeing a deal and impulse buying, only to get home and realize they now have two of the same things.

Before shopping, check your closet and make a list of clothing items you need—treat it like grocery shopping. You wouldn’t buy an extra carton of eggs if you already have some at home!

Repurpose Current Clothes

If you rarely wear those jeans you bought last year, check online and see how you can repurpose them into shorts or even a vintage-looking jean skirt. You can use so many hacks to quickly turn one piece of clothing into an outfit or accessory. If we repurposed our clothing, we’d never need to go shopping ever again!

Shop Secondhand Clothing

Secondhand shopping isn’t just for people looking to save money on clothing. It’s for everyone! There are many places you can check out to find great deals on your favorite clothes.

You can find used clothing wholesale in online marketplaces or thrift stores like Goodwill, Marshall’s, and Ross.

Buy Clothes That Fit Now

The best thing you can do for your closet (and mental health) is buying clothes that fit your body now. Sometimes we make the mistake of purchasing a smaller size in hopes that we can fit into it next week, but that puts unnecessary pressure on us to change our bodies to match that piece of clothing.

Rocking your clothing in your current body can boost your confidence!

Now that you understand how to spend less on clothing and still look fashionable, you’re ready to get out there and start shopping!

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