Celebrating your team’s hard work and accomplishments doesn’t have to wipe out the designated office party cash for the whole year. Here are some tips on how to throw a solid office party on a budget.

Skip the Pizza

There’s a time and place for pizza parties, but there’s nothing unique about tiny cost-cutting slivers of pizza on paper plates. We say, skip the pizza! There are so many other great ways to enjoy a lunch together with your team.

Instead, look to support a small business that can cater. If your office is large enough, many restaurants offer deals that can save you some money without skimping on portion sizes. The food will be much more of a conversation-maker when it’s new or local!

Avoiding pizza or messy food is especially important if you’re hosting a more formal party, such as an employee award ceremony or recognition event. Stick to food in disposable containers, and make sure plenty of napkins (no matter how cheap) are available so that no one ruins their nice work clothes.

Organize a Watch Party

The office party is more inclusive for extroverts and introverts when it includes a shared activity that doesn’t put anyone on the spot. Watch parties are a great way to get everyone together and spark conversation without any awkward suggestions of playing charades or going around the table talking about weekend plans.

Consider sending out an email a week ahead of time asking your team to vote on what show or movie they’d like to watch! It’s easiest to give them four or five options instead of totally free rein. Doing so also ensures the content stays office-appropriate. And all you’ll need for this activity is for someone in your office to have a streaming subscription!

Get (Your Team) Creative

This one is especially true for those trying to organize social sessions while working from home. Centering your party around a creative activity, no matter how serious or how silly it is, is a great way to showcase talents, enjoy each other’s company, and get a break from a day of hard work.

The number of activity packages available for companies looking to do some casual team building is only growing, including fun games, DIY tie-dye kits, and even wine tasting arrays! You can match whatever activities you think fit your team to ones that fit your budget as well.

There are a ton of different ways to throw a solid office party on a budget as long as you’re willing to think outside the box. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas that fit your office setup or team, consider sending out a chat or email poll to gather up ideas!

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