We are living in a world where many of us are feeling lonely and
isolated. Despite the isolation, and  the distance, it hasn’t stopped
members of our community making a difference. There’s a lot of
positivity still happening around us and we should be talking about
it. Let’s take confident steps and start moving and shaking around.
Just like Brenda Keane from Be Keane Activewear.

Brenda is raising awareness to the fact we can make new friends and
empower one another even when we’re apart. Today is World Friendship
Day and to celebrate Be Keane Activewear has formed a friendship with
The Hunger Project, to collaborate on a fun way to get involved in the
sustainable end to hunger.

“I am inspired by the work The Hunger Project does to educate and
empower the village people to become self-sufficient and transform
their lives.” Brenda Keane

Brenda was introduced to The Hunger Project’s work when a group of
women came together to raise money to help the 37,000 people who live
in the village of Nachalo in Malawi become 100% self-sufficient. After
years of struggling through a drought crisis and recovering from the
devastation of flood damage, The Hunger Project has now aided the
village of Nachalo to get back on their feet. The Hunger Project is
providing a holistic approach to helping villages in Africa sustain
better quality of life. Agriculture and food security, clean water,
better education and empowering women and men are just some of the
ways the organisation is making a difference.

The Hunger Project has formed authentic partnerships with individuals
and organisations just like Brenda’s in more than 22 countries around
the world. Through this global effort and years of hard work, members
of the project are now seeing success for a sustainable end to hunger.

Excitingly, Brenda is releasing a new range of legging designs,
thoughtfully branded in collaboration with The Hunger Project team in
Australia. Check out the beautiful African inspired patterns and
messages of strength. The fun leggings cleverly highlight the need to
empower the villages and help to transform their lives. Just by
purchasing a pair of the leggings, you will be participating in
helping the mission to end world hunger by 2030. Be Keane Activewear
is donating 20% of sales of the leggings to The Hunger Project. If you
would like to contribute by purchasing a pair of the leggings order
online today.

Media Contact:
Brenda Keane – 0402 457 794 – Waverly Park, Mulgrave VIC
bekeanehealthyandfit.com.au bekeanehealthyandfit@gmail.com @bekeanehealthyandfit

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