In This Skin

Ashley Rainwater Bilbro





I’ve always been unsatisfied with my body. Even as a young child, I thought my reflection was revolting. With age, I’ve started to realize that every woman has body issues. Our society tells women they must have “the perfect body,” when no such thing actually exists. So much of the time we criticize our own bodies because of silly things like fat rolls, cellulite, double chins, etc. What we fail to see is all the beautiful things our bodies do for us every day. We must come to accept our bodies as they are.

Trust me, I know that’s easier said than done. In fact, I think it’s much easier to lift up those around me than to see my own positive qualities. I have no problem seeing the beauty in others, mainly because I think the most attractive and appealing thing about a person is her heart. Yes, I know that sounds cliché. But beauty truly shines through personality and kindness.

When I started organizing this project, I asked for women of different sizes to participate. Almost every single one of these stunning women emailed me before the shoot saying how incredibly nervous they were to be stripping down in front of a room of strangers. Most of these ladies didn’t know each other before this shoot, but each one showed beauty, grace, and kindness the entire day. Their actions embodied the theme of the entire project: all people deserve love, no matter their size. After all, beauty is more than skin deep.

Author Credits:

Photography Credits: Rainwater Photography

Hair Credits: Juanita Allen

Make Up Credits: Amanda Begley

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