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Thoughtful Thursday with Nourished Natasha – FabUplus Magazine

Thoughtful Thursday with Nourished Natasha

We are so happy to be partnering with Nourished Natasha to bring you Thoughtful Thursdays!

After a long personal journey with health, fitness, and yoga , Natasha started to help people on their wellness journeys and their goals to nourish their bodies. Soon enough, she realized that this is her passion.

“I love to help people feel GOOD in their bodies. I believe every person should have the opportunity to be nourished – mind, body and soul. I have been through it all – from obese as a teenager to anorexic, into recovery and then relapsing into binge eating disorder after my father passed away.” – Nourished Natasha


Check out her latest video: New Moon in Libra, a Full Yoga Class Below!


And her corresponding blog post can be found here!

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