Intuitive Eating 101

plus healthSo you don’t want to diet anymore, we all know they don’t work but what the heck do we do instead?  

I struggled with this myself after dieting intensely for 10 years and when I wanted to make a change I had no clue what to do. “Just stop dieting” didn’t seem like a viable option. 

 It wasn’t until I started studying Intuitive Eating that I knew this was the answer for ALL people to live a healthy, enjoyable, diet free life. 

A few keys of intuitive eating are: 

  • Listen to inner cues instead of outer cues when it comes to eating 
  • Instead of following meal plans and counting calories, listen to hunger signals, fullness signals and what your body wants. 
  • Our bodies are way smarter than us but dieting has caused us to not trust our own bodies 

Don’t restrict food 

  • Eat when you’re hungry instead of suffering through it, your body is asking for fuel 
  • When you tell yourself you can’t have something this will likely end in binge eating 
  • When you allow all foods it takes the power away from the foods we obsess over 

Ditch the diet mentality 

  • Stop labeling foods as “good” and “bad” 
  • Focus on feeling healthy and satisfied instead of the number on the scale; put weight on the back burner 
  • Thinking differently about food and our bodies will create a lot more ease around food 

 plus health

When you implement these principles you will be able to return to a healthy relationship with food. One where food does not rule you, one where you are free around food.  

In the next issue we will give you some practical tools to help you start listening to your hunger and fullness signals so you can find both satisfaction and nourishment every day. 

Jenna free is offering a free 5 day Intuitive Eating challenge at 

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