Keeping your sh*t together during the holiday 

By Gina Best 

 holiday madness

Families and holidays can be tricky. There are thousands of articles on how to survive, and I googled some. This is the standout advice: 

Take a whiff of citrus
Come on!! Let’s get real: unless it’s citrus vodka, an orange isn’t gonna keep your drunk uncle’s antics at bay. 

Walk away from your worries
Really? What are you going to do—lock the family in the basement? 

Kidding!! In all seriousness, holidays are crazy, fun, stressful, and busy.  

Here’s how to keep your shit together during the madness: 

  1. Listen to yourself
    If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it! Just because you are invited to a family dinner or event, does not mean you have to go.  
  2. Be choosey
    Spend your time with those you WANT to spend you time with, not those you feel like you have to spend time with. The truth is: your family can survive without you.  holiday madness
  3. Be vocal
    Tell your family and your friends what you want to do. Relationships are give and take—even if it’s with mom! If you just give and don’t take, it’ll suck the holiday spirit from you. Make a list of the things you want to do and share it. The holidays are about spending time with those you love and doing things together.  
  4. Be a rebel; break the rules!
    It’s ok if you don’t want to stand in the lineup at the mall and get the Santa picture done. You don’t have to cook the same dishes. You can start new traditions! Do whatever you want. One year I said “Screw it!” and cooked a roast instead of a turkey. OMG! It’s your holiday. Stop trying to please others.  
  5. Find time for you
    Carve out an hour for you (just you!) every day. No exceptions. And you are not allowed to do holiday stuff ! 

 holiday madness

There is no magic answer here. The holidays are a HOLIDAY! Ask yourself, what do you really want? What matters to you? Answer this question and use it as a guide to get you through.   

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