Fall is the most stunning time of the year, and the colorful foliage makes a beautiful backdrop for your family photos. Whether this is your first time considering a photo shoot or you do one every year, it can be challenging to decide what to wear. While some families choose to match colors and patterns, others go for a more neutral approach. Explore these key tips for styling your family fall photo shoot like a professional stylist.

Consider Your Shoot’s Location

Before deciding on any clothing for your photos, you should take a second to consider your shoot’s location. For instance, you may not want to dress your family in all green if you’re taking photos in a grassy area because you’ll all blend into the environment. On the other hand, you don’t want to choose extra bold outfits in a neutral-colored location. Overall, your goal should be choosing clothing that works with your setting rather than against it.

Choose Your Outfit First

Not to say you’re the most important member of your family, but you’re likely the one who is choosing everyone’s outfit for the shoot. With that in mind, you should choose your clothes first rather than trying to coordinate with what you choose for everyone else. Your outfit should set the tone for the rest of the family; you can choose jeans and a nice top for a more casual theme or a flowy dress for a more formal style.

Jeans are an excellent choice for the crisp fall temperatures, but there’s nothing wrong with going a little dressier. If you’re worried about getting cold in a dress, consider a few ways to style your dresses for cooler weather before making your final decision.

Choose Coordinating Outfits for Everyone

Matching outfits shouldn’t even be an option; instead, you should choose coordinating clothes for the rest of your family to complement your outfit. Do your best to stick with a specific theme, such as neutral tones, cool tones, earthy tones, etc., but don’t overthink it. Consider choosing a palette of three or four colors that everyone’s outfits incorporate; use your ensemble as a base.

Bring Various Accessories or Props

There’s nothing better than various photo styles, including those with different props or accessories. For instance, you can take pictures with hats or sit on a cute plaid blanket. No matter what props your family uses, they should coordinate with your outfits and setting.

Photo Tip

Consider doing a silly photo where everyone has a random or uncoordinated prop!

Hopefully, these key tips for styling your family fall photo shoot will help you choose the best clothing options for you and your family. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a professional stylist to put together adorable outfits that work together perfectly.

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