Letting Go of the Year End Body Blues:

Finding peace with food and body during the holiday season  

Written by: Natalie Baack 

body peaceBetween fears of overeating on holiday foods or that feeling of your heart sinking when you see yourself in your holiday sweater, when it comes to food and body issues, the holidays take the fruitcake. 


Another tree, another dinner table, another tight dress, and you realize you didn’t lose the weight you set out to lose the year prior. Or maybe you gained weight. And your inner critic suddenly has a lot of material (and so does your mom!). 


So how do you handle the holidays without that critical voice popping up and telling you that sparkly dress looks like crap and banning you from eating pumpkin pie? 


Quit the Quest for a Goal Weight 

Your body will ALWAYS be in flux as the stresses and joy in your life ebb and flow. The things we do to reach a goal weight often make it that much harder to get there, and worse, lead to yo-yo dieting, metabolism issues, and feelings that we’ve failed ourselves over and over again. Letting go of the idea that you will be one weight always is key to being happy during the holidays and beyond. 


Connect with the Love and Gratitude of the Season 

The holidays are a perfect time to connect to what you have – especially your body. Take a few moments to write about your year in your journal. The ups and downs, highs and lows, what did your body carry you through? And then instead of beating her up in the mirror, thank her with some self-care, like an aromatherapy bath by candlelight.  


Give Yourself Permission   

Permission to eat what you want without judgment or without fear may sound counterintuitive but is actually the key. If you try with all your might not to eat that pie because you think it’s “bad,” you’re so many times more likely to find yourself sneaking it later – and maybe eating more than you actually want. If you have permission and savor your food, honoring your body when you’re full, you’ll enjoy the pleasures of the holidays with way less guilt. 


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body peace

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