Sabrina Carrington has been on a journey that many women have gone and still go through.  She was once insecure about the way she looked and couldn’t see a way out.  Fashion was a huge obstacle.  She would put herself down when choosing an outfit or looking in the mirror.  She used to worry about her choice of clothes and what other people would think about her, let alone what they would say to her.  Sabrina would spend hours selecting the clothes she was going to buy before putting them all back in a cold sweat.  She could just imagine the comments that would be made if she wore the clothes.  One major influencer in her life would often make her feel like she had failed in many ways.  It was a stressful situation and it was getting her down. 

It goes to show that the people we surround ourselves with impact the way we feel and act.  If the people we are with make us feel shamed, insecure and of little self-worth, then we walk around with our heads down.  Quite often the people in our life pass on their own insecurities onto us.  This was what was affecting Sabrina.  Yet she knew that something had to give… something had to change. She knew that she needed to surround herself with positive, loving people. 

Fast forward to today.  Her husband and children worship the ground she walks on and make her feel like a million dollars.  They talk about her with pride and passion, and make a positive contribution to her life.  It now reflects in the way Sabrina interacts with the world.  It’s reflected in everything she does and is. 

The message here is to look at people and understand the impact they make on your life.  Being surrounded by positive people who make you feel great about yourself will change the way you see yourself too. 

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