When Life Throws You Curves

Photography by: Samantha Kidd of Crave Boudoir

When life throws you curves, embrace them with Crave Boudoir! 

by SarahTaylor 

Kerri-Lyn is the everyday woman.  She has always been curvy but like so many of us, she wasn’t always thrilled with her curves.  She spent her teen years being ashamed of her size, her 20’s pregnant and focusing on being a mom, her 30’s were years when she didn’t really care about her appearance, but now in her 40’s, she decided it’s her time to shine!  How does one do that though? 

curvy confidence
Photography by: Samantha Kidd of Crave Boudoir

She stumbled upon Crave Boudoir’s Instagram page and she knew she had to book a boudoir session with Samantha, the owner of Crave Boudoir.  The women in the photos were sexy but classy, sensual yet playful, and above all, they were RADIANT.  Kerri-Lyn wanted to feel just like those women looked.  She wasn’t a woman who ‘felt’ sexy then.  Her experience with Crave Boudoir finally gave her a glimpse of what others see in her:  That she’s beautiful just as she is! 

curvy confidence
Photography by: Samantha Kidd of Crave Boudoir

Kery-Lyn’s experience is not a unique story for Samantha. It’s the very reason why she started doing boudoir photography.  Samantha discovered how empowering it was for women to see themselves in a positive light and, ever since, she gets to witness a magical transformation in each client as they walk out of the studio after their shoot feeling confident and radiant. 

Samantha provides a full experience to make each woman feel their best.  It includes hair and makeup prior to the shoot and clear easy directions for posing for all body types during the shoot.  She works with each woman individually to make sure that they are comfortable and that they leave feeling empowered, beautiful and confident. 

The journey to loving one’s body is a long one, but if you are looking to either start your journey, take it to the next level, celebrate a victory or even just want a little gift for your special someone, a shoot with Crave Boudoir is a great idea for every woman! 

Visit www.craveboudoir.com to learn more and book your appointment to see a new side

– the best side – of yourself! 


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curvy confidence
Photography by: Samantha Kidd of Crave Boudoir


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