Lights, Confidence, Action

by Jenn Carson

Lights, Confidence, Action - Jenn CarsonAs I walked into the studio, I realized that everyone from the host to the producer to the hairdresser was impossibly thin. Instead of reviewing my notes before I went on the air, I stared down at my full thighs and sighed.

10 years and 20 media appearances later, I continue to battle the same insecurities as the only plus size woman on every set. Each time that I speak about serious issues on the Oxygen Network, Investigation Discovery Channel or other outlets, I feel conflicted. I am confident about what I say, but not about how I look.

Words come naturally to me. Looking television-ready does not. I wear dark clothing, bold necklaces, and high-heeled shoes. I beat my hair into submission and apply heavy contour makeup. I do this all with the intent to look thinner on camera.

I tell myself that I do not want my big body to take away from my big message. It never occurred to me until recently that my body is part of my message. As a trauma survivor (and as a plus size woman), my words matter. I matter.

Something changed before my last television shoot. I woke up with eczema on one side of my face, acne on the other side and grey roots sprouting from my head. I also couldn’t zip or button my too-small pantsuit. I sat slumped on the edge of my bed.

In the midst of my pity party, my thoughts were interrupted by a loud purring noise. I looked down at my cat and realized that her missing tooth, scarred ear and bowling ball body had never stopped her from cuddling, playing, or posing for endless Instagram pictures.

I decided then that I would be more like my radical self-loving fat cat. As I sat in front of the lights and camera that afternoon, I reconnected with my message. There is life after trauma. There can be joy after trauma. It can happen now – not when or if we become thin. Now.


Jenn Carson is a writer, educator, and speaker who addresses issues related to overcoming adversity and increasing self-acceptance. Jenn holds a BA in History from Baylor University and an MA in Counseling from George Washington University. Jenn has 15 years of experience as a K-12 educator. On the Hallmark Channel, the Oxygen Network, the Investigation Discovery Channel and in Marie Claire Magazine and People Magazine, Jenn has shared her journey from daughter of a serial killer to a stigma-busting advocate. As a trauma survivor, Jenn seeks healing through her passions for reading, writing, and binge-watching sci-fi shows. Jenn blogs on social media about mental health awareness, body-positivity, age-inclusive beauty, pop-culture, feminism, and cats. Follow Jenn on Instagram @carson_jenn
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