Live Life To The Fullest

by Shelly Elsliger

Live Life To The Fullest Angelique Robles

We all have superpowers but they are often concealed and hid den from the world because of our inability to see that we are worthy enough to have them. Many of us have held ourselves back because we have allowed ourselves to fall deeply into a big well of unworthiness; a well that no superwoman would ever jump into.

For so long, I allowed the “not good enough!” syndrome to weigh heavily on my shoulders. I knew deep inside I was meant to change lives and empower others, but couldn’t do this without first freeing myself.

In 2010, I was introduced to the Japanese word Ikigai, which means a reason to get up, show up, and live life to its fullest! I loved the idea but thought only thin happy people had one of those!

As a passionate LinkedIn Trainer, I decided to use this online tool to do what I felt it was meant to do: empower women, build confidence, and revolutionize the way women would brand their amazing stories online.

But first I had to write and believe in my own story! I simply didn’t think it was good enough. I even used the thinning feature on my profile picture since I believed no one would take me seriously as I was!

Somehow, I mustered up the strength and courage to “boldly go where no woman had gone before!” I became a leader online, push ed through any naysaying and self-defeating thoughts, and literally put on my cape every day!

Live Life To The Fullest Angelique RoblesPeople were listening and looking to me for advice. I was continuously being booked for coaching sessions and online courses as far away as India. I won the “Global Goodwill Ambassador” award and was recognized as a Woman of Achievement. But I avoided taking my voice, and superpowers, offline. I opted to restrict my superpowers out of pure fear and tons of self-doubt!

However, superpowers were not meant to be restricted. As more speaking engagements came my way, I said, YES, courageously fighting my fears and determined to find my Ikigai. My “LinkedIn in High Heels” talk became a hit. I was creating “aha” moments and making a difference in so many lives! My online voice had given me my offline voice. I found my Ikigai!

We all have a story to share, superpowers to change the world, and an Ikigai that is meant to be lived to its fullest regardless of our size and shape.


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