FabUplus Magazine had the privilege of sitting down with Louise Green to talk about her journey to athleticism, fitness and where it all began.

Louise Green was athletic as a child, being involved in Irish dancing, soccer, as well as team sports in school. Things changed for her in high school, when she dropped out of sports and ventured into the party scene. Green had always enjoyed running and wanted to start running for her health, so she joined a local Running Room clinic. Her run leader, another plus sized woman, inspired her to start her plus sized fitness journey and Louise continued to run her first race, and many more.  Upon completing that first race, Louise was transformed and she knew she had found her calling, to help other plus sized women realize their true athletic ability, and so she started her company, Body Exchange.

“The primary philosophy behind the Body Exchange is to live limitlessly at any size,” Green says, “We gear that concept towards fitness, but I try to let that trickle down into all areas of people’s lives.” Some of the adventures offered through Body Exchange are surfing retreats and a Mexican health and wellness retreat.  These retreats are designed to gently push boundaries and offer clients the platform to unplug from their daily living, get away and focus 100% on themselves.

Louise uses her unique program to help her clients gain more confidence.  “The biggest obstacle is the fear of judgment, and that fear is real, judgment exists,” Louise says. We are trained to believe that being overweight is a choice and that these people are unhealthy. “Being plus sized doesn’t mean that you can’t be healthy, you can’t tell a person’s health by their size,” says Green.

Louise, a major advocator for the body positive movement, has written a book titled Limitless which is set to be released later this year.  “There are currently not a lot of fitness books that focus on this demographic,” she says. Limitless isn’t just a plus sized fitness book, it is a book that addresses the issues and what’s happening in society for the plus sized demographic.

Louise is FabUplus Magazine’s Plus Sized Fitness Specialist and will be answering all of your fitness questions in her regular fitness column, so email Louise at louise@louisegreen.ca with your fitness questions and have your answer printed in a future edition.   You can also see more of Louise on the FabUplus Facebook page for Fitness Friday’s.


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