By Chrystal Bougon

How do you finally get to that magical “love yourself and others can love you” point? Even though we all know it’s true, how do you actually LOVE your fat body?

Here are actionable tips for loving your body exactly the way it is.

Spend time with your close family and friends.

Seeing the love you give to your family and friends reflected back to you can change your perspective and make you realize how much you’re REALLY worth.

Spend time near things that are much larger than you.

Mountains, manatees, other animals – whatever makes you happy. It may sound silly, but it really does help to put things about your OWN body into perspective (It does for me).

Allow yourself to do things that make you feel REALLY good. 

For me, that is things like hugs (don’t judge me — hugs are amazing and proven to help relieve stress), cuddles, volunteering, karaoke with friends, sex, etc. Writing blogs like these that might touch even one other human who needs it.

Pay careful attention to the wonders of the world.

Start observing other fat women and men you see out in the wild. Check out their fashion or hair. Observe their confidence or lack of it. Do you find them beautiful? Can you appreciate soft rolls/love handles on a man? Maybe someone else is admiring your large body exactly the same way.

Clean up your feed.

I learned this from Jes Baker. If you have toxic people or family members in your social feeds, hide them now. Do it for your own mental health. Do not let toxic people take up any of your time or attention.

Bonus Tip: I know it’s corny, but say one thing to yourself in the mirror every day. I know so many women who won’t even look at themselves in the mirror. Change this NOW! Practice smiling at yourself. As they say, your body hears everything your brain thinks.

“I smile at myself in the mirror & say, ‘Hey you sexy beast!!!!'”
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