Callum Harrison, or Mozzey to his friends, has always had the confidence in himself that comes through in his photography. He has never felt the need to apologize for the way he looks and has had the confidence to love himself whether others do or not. And the models in his photographs have that same quality. They show curvy women who look confident about the skin they are in.Showing big women in their full confidence and looking beautiful is a great way to show people that we are all the same.
Callum has been a photographer for some time and his images show a real talent. He has photographed for many different occasions, but his latest campaign showing beautiful curvy women is something close to his heart. He sat down recently and decided what was important to him. This was it. Now he has started to create a name for himself by allowing women to feel beautiful no matter if they have wobbly bits or stretch marks. That is all part of the charm.
His campaign shows women from all walks of life and he took the time to give them confidence. And this has inspired others. His photographs have gained great publicity online and this has promoted body confidence in others. Mozzey sees this as the perfect antidote to much of the trolling that goes on all over the Internet. He thinks that all women should be made to feel great and hopes that his images can help to do this.
Instagram:  @mozzeyphoto
Facebook: @mozzeyphotograpghy
Twitter: @mozzeyphoto
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