Name: Helen Bianchi

Measuring Health Beyond The Scale

I used to think that my weight was it.

Deeply ingrained in me was the belief that my weight was the measurement of how healthy I was, how good I looked, and how worthy I was supposed to feel. I felt depressed, disheartened and as if life was not worth living.

It was through the process of internal work on myself and helping women get truly healthy from the inside out that I discovered, with absolute certainty, that weight means nothing.

Revolving your entire health status on how much you weigh is the perfect recipe for getting less and less healthy.

Here’s why:

  1. Weighing yourself makes you depressed and discouraged for no good reason: you don’t know what’s going on inside your body and what’s causing the increase in weight.
  1. Your weight does not tell you if you are getting healthier. Your weight can go up while at the same time your fat percentage can go down.
  1. Weight DOES NOT tell you anything about your shape and whether or not it is changing into the shape that you desire.

So, as you begin the journey of taking care of yourself and healing your body from the inside out, always keep in mind the following list of the ways you can measure health:

  • feel an unshakable love and respect for myself and my body.
  • have clear and glowing skin.
  • wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and amazing in the morning.
  • aches and pains have significantly reduced/have been eliminated.
  • experience deep and restful sleep on a regular basis.

Your body needs time, patience, love and compassion.





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