You’re excited and nervous as you prepare for the party. Its fun getting glammed up, meeting new people and enjoying delicious food! So why is your mind racing, thinking of all the good and bad things that could happen? Before you know it, anxiety has crept in. Use the meditation below to reduce that anxiety in as little as a minute.

The Meditation

The first time you do this, sit with your eyes closed to reduce distractions.
-Breathe deeply and as you breathe in –
  • Imagine you are breathing in calmness. Focus on feeling a sensation of calmness as you breathe in.

As you exhale –

  • Imagine your body is becoming calm and relaxed. Feel your body becoming relaxed.

Do this for a minute or two, or until you begin to feel calmer.

Thinking “I am calm” as you breathe in enhances the feeling because your unconscious mind remembers “calm” and produces chemicals to bring that feeling. The reverse is also true, if you think “ I am not afraid” the unconscious mind remembers the word “afraid” and continues producing stress hormones.

Now try the meditation with your eyes open. With practice, you’ll likely be able to do this during conversations, making it a very handy coping skill for people with social anxiety!

As with all meditation, practice makes perfect. Try it few times and play with it until becomes a natural response. Your mood and body will thank you!

Connie Thoreson
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