Happy Model Monday, everyone! We’re so excited to bring you Amber Pratt. Amber is a print and runway model as well as an influencer She’s also one of our fabUffiliates!

“I became an influencer to see more things that I prefer to see. As well as, empower other women not to give up and you can change any situation at any time. I am currently working upon building a schedule system for posts and content planning. I try to use my platform to bring positivity, thought provoking posts, and show people who i am authentically.” – Amber Pratt

Pratt is a print/runway model.

“It all started with networking with other curvy models to get an understanding of how they started out. Thankfully one of the women I networked with sent me a flier for training with one of the best runway coaches ‘Jeannie Ferguson.’ I attended my runway training and fell in love. Then I did the model casting for Bold Curves Island Fuzion, which became my first show. And I have been pressing forward ever since.” – Amber Pratt 

Website/Blog: Facebook: Amber Pratt

Instagram: A_PlusCurves

Snapchat: Ownitlikemoi23 

fabUplus Magazine: Describe your personal style. What are some of your signature colors, styles, and accessories?

Amber Pratt: My signature colors are red, pink, mustard, olive, and purple. I must have my nails done with cute designs. My go to accessories are hoops, statement earrings, purses, and hair. 2.

fabUplus Magazine: What are some tips you’d like to share with aspiring influencers or models?

Amber Pratt:That there is a seat for all of us to win, mental health matters, your time matters. I like to remind people that the way to move forward is to work on you first before you try to help others. In this culture there needs a balance to make you priority and then help others after you have helped yourself. True living advice from me.

fabUplus Magazine: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice as a little girl, what would you tell her?

Amber Pratt: You are no ones Robin you are a Batman. I would explain to her how you need to appreciate the good times and reflect/refocus on the bad to truly understand the role you may have played. Also, there is no beauty standards, you are are beautiful just because you woke up today. Insider – I have been plus majority of my life. If I was the friend to myself as I should have been I would have seen the light earlier than now.

fabUplus Magazine: For our readers who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin and wearing  what they want, what are some practical things you would recommend they do to help them get to the level of confidences you have?

Amber Pratt: I would advise them to start small and continue to embrace you. No one can appreciate their own confidence until they start being their own main supporter. I would have them pick out one thing the love about themselves. Focus more on the person the move on to fashion. I’ve learned if you don’t have confidence in within yourself, anything anyone says is a nice compliment to hear at times.

fabUplus Magazine: What does life look like for you outside of blogging or modeling (day job, hobbies, family life, etc)?

Amber Pratt: By day I am a consultant for the FAA working on their acquisitions, contracts, etc. I am getting a new start on the health front and try to make that a scheduled focus. I also work with other women who are on a mission to make their mark and grow together. Other than the straight-forward, I like to do virtual happy hours, enjoy trying new things (even with eating), and just taking time to clear my mental space. Candles and a nice warm bath with music in the background is always a treat. Currently do to Covid I am learning how keep my standard and keep my money at the same time. Example, getting my nails done.

fabUplus Magazine: What does being an influencer or model mean to you? What do you hope it means to others?

Amber Pratt: Personally to me I want to be inspiration, put a smile on your face, or at least when you leave my page you see you through me. Which in return helps me to know that what I’m saying is helping someone with the words, pictures, and personal touch let them know I understand.
fabUplus Magazine: What are your goals and dreams as an influencer or model? What accomplishments are you most proud of?
Amber Pratt: My goal as a model is to become more involved in print modeling and hopefully get paid for my work. My goal as an influencer is to be your best friend that tells it like it is good/bad, as well as, help to see the beauty in yourself. I didn’t have that in my corner at times that I really need.
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