Meet Janna Lounsbury! Our Monday Model.

Janna Lounsbury, from New Brunswick, Canada, is a plus-size model and volunteer firefighter, and the winner of the FabUplus cover contest.

Janna Lounsbury - Plus Size Model

How did you hear about the CGCC?

I heard about the Curvy Girl Cover Contest through the Facebook page of one of the sponsors, Dionè Cosmetics.

What motivated you to enter the contest?

When I first saw the contest, I thought why not! I thought it was a great opportunity for plus-sized women to shine. I am a very driven person and once I have my mind set on something I go for it.

How would you describe your personal style? Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

I would describe my personal style as comfy and casual. I am not one for getting all fancy and dolled up. As long as I am comfortable, I feel good! Curvy Fit jeans from Penningtons are always my go too. Loose fitting tops and tanks are my choices for upper wear.

Do you have any advice for our readers who perhaps were not confident enough to enter modeling contests, but would really like to model?

Believe in yourself! If there is one thing that has gotten me to where I am today, it’s believing in myself. Reach out to local photographers in your area, see who may be looking for models to photograph, it will offer good practice. Get in front of that mirror and practice your posing! Grab the latest FabUPlus magazine and look at how the models are poses and mimic the pose.

Janna Lounsbury- Plus Size Model

Entering a contest like ours tells us that you are confident, were you always this confident? Tell us a little bit about the journey to confidence.

Surprisingly, no. I always say my turning point on my road to confidence started in my senior year when I took the Theatre Arts class. I always will thank my teacher, Mrs. Jones, for giving me that push I needed. A few years later, I started to model for local photographers and entered a pageant where I was crowned Miss Maritime International 2014. I feel that my confidence and personality have played a huge part in my life.

Did you have mentors or role models who helped and inspired you along the way?

My parents are my role models and inspiration. They believe in me no matter what and are always encouraging me to follow my dreams. Also, my Aunt Julie is another person I can always count on for support and guidance.

I look up to models and body activists Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, and TV personality Whitney Way Thore. I love that these women are not afraid to be themselves and encourage women to love themselves and their bodies. Also, TV actor Jared Padalecki and his work with the “Always keep fighting” Campaign for Mental Health.

Tell us a little bit about your day to day life and your passions – what does an average day look like for you?

I work a full-time job in cellphone sales, am a volunteer firefighter, and have a passion for photography and reading. I have a nephew, Riley, and two nieces, Peyton and Amelia, who are my pride and joy! Family is my number one priority. I enjoy traveling; Hawaii is the number 1 spot I want to travel to, which I am hoping to do next year. Horseback riding, four wheeling, and driving along the country roads are all things I love. I am a big Chicago Fire fan, but my all-time favorite T.V. show is One Tree Hill. I love acting and modeling and I also do a lot of volunteer work in my community.

For the everyday woman who is on her journey to self-love and being body positive, what are your 3 top tips you would give them?

  1. Love yourself!
  2. Believe in yourself!
  3. Go ahead, order whatever you want!


Photographer & HMUA: Katiuska Idrovo Photography
Model: Janna Lounsbury
Designer: Penningtons Plus Size Clothing
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