Plus Size Model- Megan Pustaver

I’m an aspiring plus-size model whose goal is to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to love the body they’re in. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in broadcast journalism, I decided to pursue my original dream of becoming a model and representing all women who struggle with confidence.

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Photography by: Jon Tuazon

I started my modeling journey through Instagram and discovered Yona New York. They
helped me get out there and work, and I was able to walk in two fashion shows. From
there, local photographers reached out to me about photoshoot opportunities. Instagram
has helped me gain more exposure using hashtags and tagging plus-size companies.

My favorite modeling experience so far was being in my first runway show with
Philadelphia Small Business Fashion Week. The morning of the show I suffered an
anxiety attack, and I almost didn’t make it to my car. My dream of finally walking down
the runway was right around the corner, but my anxiety was trying to overpower me. I’m
so glad I built up the courage and strength to get behind the wheel and drive to
Philadelphia. Once I took my first step onto the runway, I felt like I was exactly where I
needed to be. It was my dream come true.

Before my first runway show, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to walk and
spent hours walking up and down my hallway. When I arrived at PSBFW, I had
experienced models take the time to walk beside me during rehearsal and give me a crash

My first big photoshoot was with the incredible Jon Tuazon in Philadelphia. He was very
patient with me throughout the shoot, showing me different poses and teaching me how
to move in front of the camera. My pictures turned out amazing and I had another shoot
with him soon after!

plus model

Photography by: Gregory Tapler

I am very grateful for the people I’ve met throughout this journey because they have
helped me tremendously with feeling confident and improving my skills.

I am blessed to have an amazing support group. I have had so many people encourage me to keep moving forward with my dreams. It hasn’t been easy because I suffer with
depression and anxiety, and sometimes they creep up on me and make me feel
disheartened or powerless. Luckily, I haven’t had to go through this alone because there
have been many times where I’ve wanted to just give up. My boyfriend and best friend
have been there every step of the way to remind me how much I want everything I’ve
worked so hard for. My coworkers at Lane Bryant have also helped keep me on track and
have been both friends and mothers to me.

Being a plus-size woman doesn’t mean I can’t feel beautiful and sexy. The purpose of my
Instagram is to reach out to women who don’t have a lot of confidence and show them
that they can love their bodies. That they don’t have to be a certain size to achieve selflove.

plus model

Photography by: Jon Tuazon

Working at Lane Bryant has opened my eyes to see the lack of confidence plus-size
women have. I’ve only been there for a little over a month, and I’ve already had so many
women say “I’m too big to wear dresses” or feel like they must wear two sizes up to
cover themselves. It breaks my heart. But, I’m not just a sales associate at Lane Bryant. I
see myself and my coworkers as body positivity warriors. I love having these women
who don’t see their beauty put on outfits they would never imagine wearing. Most of the
time they walk out of the dressing room shocked because they realize they can be
fashionable and stunning in their bodies.

People remember me from my episode on Undercover Boss: Retro Fitness, and I have
been asked “why aren’t you fit anymore?” I loved my job at Retro Fitness, but my
confidence and self-worth was pretty much non-existent. Losing weight and being thin
became an unhealthy obsession for me, and I went about it all the wrong ways. There
were times where I would starve myself to achieve what I believed to be the perfect body.
Time and time again, I would go back and forth with my weight and ended up feeling
more depressed.

Then one day, something changed. I decided I needed to take the time to become me and
not what society said I should be. Even though I gained weight, I also gained my
confidence and started to love the woman I saw in the mirror. Now, I am living healthy
and not dwelling on what I see on the scale. And that is what I want to encourage others
to do.

plus model

Photography by: Jon Tuazon

Patience, patience, and more patience. Remember, great things take time. Sometimes,
you can get noticed right away and immediately get signed. Or, like me, you can take it
step by step, gaining exposure and continuing to reach. A big shout-out to model Faith
Costa who advised me to reach out to local boutiques, be on the look-out for
fashion/modeling events, and continue to post pictures on Instagram. It’s about waiting
for the right person to discover you and loving every second of your adventure. Don’t
give up!

I’m a dresses and skirts kind of girl… and anything high-waisted! My absolute favorite
outfit is my Forever 21 Minnie Mouse tee with my Lane Bryant black tulle skirt. I started
dressing up more in high school because I was tired of my usual black t-shirt and jeans. I
realized what I was wearing really didn’t express my personality and that’s when I
decided to make a change. I fell in love with bold pieces and embraced my big, curly

Where do I even begin with my favorite shopping locations? My favorite stores are Lane Bryant, Forever 21, Torrid, ModCloth, and Old Navy. They all know how to love my
curves and make me feel flawless.

Outside of my modeling life, I work at Lane Bryant with some of the coolest people I’ve
ever met, make posts on Instagram, and hang out with my friends.


plus model

Photography by: Jon Tuazon

My message is for everyone to take the time to look in the mirror and see just how incredible they are. To know that they can do anything they put their minds to. And to not miss an opportunity to smile, take a deep breath, and realize just how beautiful life is. I know that life can go down some rough paths, but you are strong and able to get through it. Stay positive. And please, don’t ever give up. Xoxo.

Social Media:

Twitter: @MeganPustaver
Instagram: @megantheressa


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