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Photography by: Freddie Washington

Born in Fremont, California a suburb located outside the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, Samantha Davis had a dream at the age of five of becoming a model.   As a child, Samantha participated in various fashion shows, and at the age of 15 she told her parents that she wanted to take it further. Samantha’s parents, having all faith in her decisions in life took the step to enroll Samantha in Barbizon School of Modeling in San Francisco, California.  There she learned numerous modeling techniques, and received a full dose and a clearer insight into the modeling industry. Throughout her teen years she became part of numerous fashion shows where she was able to hone her skills. After graduating from Barbizon, Samantha persevered and continued to follow her dream.  She then attended Lights Camera Action (L.C.A.) to further hone her runway expertise.  

When Samantha graduated from high school, she had softball scholarships from various universities around the country.  She also had the desire to become a model churning inside of her which is why Samantha chose to attend school in Southern California.  This allowed her to simultaneously pursue her education and her dreams of becoming a model.  Samantha made a promise to her mother and father that she would put her education first so that she would be able to have a career to support herself, in addition to her aspirations in the challenging industry of fashion.  Samantha not only kept the promise she made to her parents, she exceeded their expectations!  Samantha received her M.S. in Special Education, B.S. in Liberal Studies and her teaching credentials in General Education, Special Education and an Autism Authorization Credential.  Shortly thereafter Samantha made the move to Hollywood, California in order to pursue her dream of becoming a plus-size model. 

Statuesque, athletic, and driven, with her flawless skin, and overall persona, this 5’10” size 22 beauty brings a designer’s collection to the next level!  Samantha has sashayed the catwalk for numerous designer collections and has graced magazine ads, online catalogs, movies, videos and television shows. Samantha has the talent, the right look and a fierce attitude that is what is needed for a head turning performance on the runway and a strong, intoxicating presence in print ads. 

One Bible verse that has helped Samantha with being so persistent in life is Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” That is what she lives her life by. Samantha wants to show others that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.   As a child, Samantha wasn’t a small girl, and didn’t have many public figures of plus-size to look up to. Through entering the entertainment industry as a plus-size woman, Samantha wants to be a positive example of how you can be beautiful all over, not just have a “pretty face.” 🙂 

plus model

Photography by: Lesley Pedraza


Congratulations on all of your success as a Plus Size Model.  How did you get started modelling? I began modeling at the age of 15 in San Francisco, California.  At the time, I did various fashion shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Upon finishing High School, I had various softball scholarships to different schools around the U.S.  I decided to attend school in Southern California so that I could be closer to Los Angeles, California to pursue my modeling further.   I finished my education receiving my Bachelor’s, 3 teaching Credentials, and my Masters Degree.  I then moved to Hollywood, California where I was signed commercially and for modeling.  My story grows from there where I have trained professionally with numerous runway coaches and I took  many commercial acting classes.   I have modeled in various fashions shows for many designers, walked in L.A. and Style Fashion Week, as well as Los Angeles’ only Full Figured Fashion Week(end) (FFFweek(end.)  I graced the cover of a few magazines, got signed to do Plus Size Fit Modeling for various companies, and booked various television programs and music videos

What has been your favorite experience thus far – the one you are most proud of?   I am proud of all of my accomplishments.  I worked hard to get to where I am.  I am proud of my runway work, print work, and televised work.

Just like any craft there is a learning curve – how did you learn how to model – both print and runway if applicable?  I took classes as a teenager on posing in front of the camera.  As far as my runway skills, I have been trained by numerous great runway coaches.  I continue to practice my runway walk and posing in order to enhance my skills.

Did you have mentors or role models who helped and inspired you along the way? My mother has always been a great supporter throughout this entire process.  As a little girl, I told her my dream.  She listened and did what she could to help make that happen.  I have also had various runway coaches along the way who have definitely been beneficial in helping me with my career.

The Plus Size Industry has changed and continues to evolve – how do you think as a model you are able to help make an impact in how the world sees plus size women? As a model, I hope to make an impact on how the world sees plus size women by helping them see that we are beautiful and can also grace the runway in fashionable clothing.  Plus size women are more than just a beautiful face.  People come in all shapes and sizes and it is important for people to see that we should not be stuck on one form of beauty.  It is important for young children as well to see that women of all sizes can have confidence, poise, and style.

plus model

Photography by: Freddie Washington

You exude confidence with every step you take, were you always this confident?  Tell us a little bit about the journey to confidence. I have always been confident with myself.  Finding myself and seeing my true beauty has definitely helped in my being able to exude more confidence with my modeling.


For our readers who are interested in starting a plus model career, what would you suggest are some top tips to get started? For those interested in entering the Plus Size Modeling Industry, I suggest they first do their research.  Research various agencies; practice your posing; do various test shoots with photographers; practice your runway skills; and network, network, network.   I also suggest that they understand that this is not an easy industry.  You may hear many, “no’s” but do not let it stop you from trying to accomplish your goals.  You have to keep pushing and take what you are doing seriously.  Your hard work will eventually pay off

As a model you’ve had the opportunity to wear a variety of different styles, but what would we catch you in on an ‘off duty’ day?  What would you call your fashion sense and how has this evolved through your modelling career? On an off day you may catch me dressing in some nice shorts, capri shorts, a cute top, and a hat (I love hats.)  You may also catch me in a nice skirt or dress.  My style varies. 🙂


What are you some of your favourite places to shop your style? I love to shop at City Chic, Torrid, and Fashion to Figure.


What does life look for you outside of the modelling world?  Outside of the modeling world, I am a teacher for students with Special Needs.  I  have also relocated back home from Hollywood to the San Francisco Bay Area to help my parents and assist in the care for my father who is sick with Alzheimer’s Disease.

plus model

Photography by: Lesley Pedraza

Thank you for taking time to chat with us today!  What is one message you would like to leave with our readers today? You can do all things that you put your mind to.  Some doors may close, but many doors will open for you too.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”  


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