Quiana Whitfield

Bosey Wales Photography

Congratulations on all of your success as a Plus Size Model. How did you get started modeling?

I started modeling when I was 20. I started off at my local mall they were doing plus size model scouting. At first I was clueless on how to pose and catwalk. When I turned 23 I gave up modeling because agents were only looking for petite size women. At age 25 Plus size modeling became a trend again so I stated submitting my photos and going to auditions again and have been model since. Modeling actually boosted my confidence and taught me to embrace and love my curves- arms, legs, and stomach area.

What has been your favourite experience thus far – the one you are most proud of?

My favorite experience has to be meeting new people and networking learning their life changes and goals. I have always been the shy type of person that sits back and watches others enjoy the fun but being a model you actually meet all types of people and learn different cultures.

Just like any craft there is a learning curve – how did you learn how to model – both print and runway if applicable?

Barbizon Modeling agency picked me up at my local mall sent me to audition for their company. I went and was accepted and learned everything from their company. I also sometimes look at different magazines and recreate poses by adding my own personality.

Did you have mentors or role models who helped and inspired you along the way?

My family is my huge support line. The Plus Size Industry has changed and continues to evolve.

How do you think as a model you are able to help make an impact in how the world sees plus size women?

People feel that if you are a size 18/20 then you really not in the plus size category but I represent that size window letting people know it doesn’t matter what size you are – embrace your self and watch the impact you will leave other lives who do not have that self love.

Quiana Whitfield

Bosey Wales Photography

You exude confidence with every step you take, were you always this confident? Tell us a little bit about the journey to confidence.

Actually I never used to have confidence in myself until I started modeling. Growing up I consider myself the ugly ducking in the family because my sisters had great hair and have brown skin verses myself as I have dark skin, coarse hair, wore glasses etc. When I got to middle school I started learning how to put on make up so I would put tones on and stuff my bra with tissue paper. In high school I starting accepting myself. When I became grown, my self confidence started to dissolve again after a really bad relationship were I lost my first born child and until this day I still grieve silently. I pulled myself together, started modeling and been loving myself.

For our readers who are interested in starting a plus model career, what would you suggest aresome top tips to get started?

I would say learn the agency background information if you plan on having an agent. If you are doing it independently research your local surrounding on casting calls. Model with pride in yourself. You can even start a fan page on different social media sites to get yourself out there. Network with people who have the same interests in careers.

Quiana Whitfield

Bosey Wales Photography

As a model you’ve had the opportunity to wear a variety of different styles, but what would we catch you in on an “off duty” day? What would you call your fashion sense and how has this evolved through your modeling career?

When I am not doing a photoshoot you will catch me in jeans, an over size shirt and some heels. I have never been the type to wear sneakers so I will put heels on with everything in my closet.

What are you some of your favorite places to shop your style?

Ross, Torrid, Value Village, Goodwill, I love a store that has a good sale and I love thrifting for vintage styles.

What does life look for you outside of the modeling world?

I am currently working as a customer service representative, full time college student and am also writing my first book.

Thank you for taking time to chat with us today! What is one message you would like to leave with our readers today?

It doesn’t matter what size you are Love yourself do not stop chasing your dreams.

Quiana Whitfield

Bosely Wales Photography

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