Happy Model Monday everyone! We’re so happy to feature one of our fabUffiliates, Unissha McNeil. Unissha is a model, makeup artist and influencer. 

Name:  Unissha McNeil


Facebook:  Niisshaplusmodel

Twitter:  UnisshaM

Instagram:  Nisshaplusmodel

Youtube:  Nissha Mua


FabuPlus Magazine: What type of modeling do you do?

Unissha McNeil: The type of modeling I do is plus modeling mostly runway and some print, but I love to work the runway!  I was scouted from the site Model Mayhem to walk in my first runway show in 2011 by Theresa Flatts and ever since then I have been modeling.  My average work week usually after my regular job is going to a practice for a runway show once or twice a week and having to post videos for various ambassadorships I have as a model and freelance makeup artist.   The weekends are usually jam packed with doing photoshoots and fashion shows.

FabuPlus Magazine: What is your personal style?

Unissha McNeil: My personal style is pretty chic and comfortable with a little bit of a rebellious edge I love to add a biker jacket to any outfit to add an edge and my favorite color to wear is black.  My favorite accessory is my makeup I never been a big jewelry person, but I will beat my face to glory.

FabuPlus Magazine: Do you have any tips for aspiring models and influencers?

Unissha McNeil: My tips for aspiring models and influencers are to be on as many platforms as possible and don’t be scared to travel and network in person get from behind the computer sometimes and work hard it will not happen overnight.

FabuPlus Magazine: What would you say if you could go back in time and tell your younger self something?

Unissha McNeil: If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a little girl I would tell her to be more confident and to worry less about what people think and that your body is beautiful and you do not have to be a size seven, I use to want to be a size seven so bad its like I came out the womb a size nine.

FabuPlus Magazine: What is your life outside of modeling like?

Unissha McNeil: Life outside of modeling is I also do makeup and have done it for going on 5 years and I also am a social worker and mom to a wonderful set of 7-year-old boy and girl fraternal twins.  The greatest job of all is being a mother and I took a brief hiatus to raise them.

FabuPlus Magazine: What are your goals in the world of plus size fashion?

Unissha McNeil: My goals and dreams as model are to inspire, encourage others and my dream is to do it fulltime.  I still believe there is so much more untapped potential and need within the plus community such as fashion that is sensible and more inclusive.  My accomplishments that I am proud of I got the chance to walk in NYFW September 2019 and National Curves Day in DC in 2019.  I also have been published in many magazines like PLUS Model Magazine and Queen Size Magazine and many other local magazines.  I also have been signed to a few model agencies such as The Brock Agency, Theary Sims, and recently with Part and Parcel.

FabuPlus Magazine: What are your favorite styling tips?

Unissha McNeil: My favorite styling tips is the right shaper or girdle is like body armor do not leave home without.  Also, always have a good pair of jeans and black pants and the rest will fall together along with a great pair of black pumps.

FabuPlus Magazine: What does beauty mean to you?

Unissha McNeil: What beauty means to me is being beautiful on the inside and it shines from within. Being unapologetic, kind and comfortable in the skin you are in.

FabuPlus Magazine: How have your body and image and self esteem progressed over the years?

Unissha McNeil: My body image and self-esteem has changed throughout the years for example I wished I was smaller as a teen and then in college I began to gain weight but was ok with it because I wanted to have a booty.  Then later in life when I was pregnant with twins, I got huge and even people would ask are you carrying twins.  I really became self-conscious and after you give birth you think your stomach goes away magically no it does not.  It took me awhile to get my self-esteem back and as a mother you must realize it takes a village to raise children and not to be afraid to ask for help and for time to yourself.  I may not be as small as I was, but I am proud of this body and all the new stretch marks on my body because I brought 2 awesome people into this world and if someone wants to criticize that I do not care!

Photo Credits:

Red outfit photos: R Jones Photography

Red outfit photos: J&S Photography

Makeup Artist:  Nissha Mua


“Beauty is not one size fits all”

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