3 Tips for More Confidence at Work, NOW! By Sophia Apostol

Whether you work in an office filled with grumpy people or an office filled with bean bag chairs and unicorns, there are times when you feel confident and times when you feel like curling up under your desk because everything feels like it requires the self-confidence reserved for uber-confident, plus-size models who slay the runway in tiny bikinis. You better believe that those gorgeous models were nervous for their first strut down the runway. #truth!

Here are 3 tips to get you in touch with your most confident self, right now (no catwalk needed):

1) Stop Waiting! Thinking you’ll wait to do *the thing* until your confidence gets high enough? In actuality, building confidence happens by doing *the thing* first and then realizing that you survived! Confidence shows up when we push our edges and get out of our comfort zones.

2) Ok, so how do you move beyond your comfort zone without having a panic attack? Baaabbbbyyyy steps…nice and gentle. Start with something small, like raising your hand tocontribute in a meeting or talking to a colleague you have been too nervous to talk to before. These are small steps to feeling more confident in at work.

3) Develop your Personal Brand of Confidence.What are the things you’re really great at? What do your best friends count on you for? Loyalty, humour, hugs, sarcasm, honesty, etc. Whatever is uniquely yours, showcase those strengths at work, and you’ll be tapping into and living from the BEST parts of yourself, which is when you’ll feel super confident because you rock those strengths!

For more tips to boosting your confidence

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