With the holidays around the corner, you’re getting the urge to start decorating your home. Tinsel, garland, ornaments, and festive throw blankets might have a place on your list to help transform your space into a Christmas movie. However, as you continue to shop around, you’ll come to notice that despite how fun and exciting these items appear, seasonal décor costs can rack up.

Luckily, there are hacks for almost everything in life, and holiday décor falls in that category. Here are a few on-budget holiday home decorating tips that can give your space that winter wonderland look you’re searching for.

Avoid Boutiques in Favor of Big Box Stores

While boutiques are the place to go to obtain chic, cute decorations for the holidays, there are times when you won’t agree with the pricing. On the upside, big-box retail stores specialize in supplying the masses with home décor that is appealing, cost-effective, and of outstanding quality.

Often, these locations will go as far as having holiday decorating kits that can offer garland, tinsel, and festive lights for the price of a singular item.

Tap Into Your Crafty Side

Not only are the holidays a period of giving, but it’s also a period of crafting! Many people take the opportunity to create their decorations at half the cost of what it would sell for at a store or boutique.

If you have an eye and passion for knitting, why not create a chunky, festive knit? You can incorporate a few seasonal pillow covers into your living room setup for simple Christmas home décor.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Thrifty

Suppose sewing and knitting isn’t your passion; no worries. Consider planning a visit to your local thrift shop and allowing the many options to speak to you. You might come across wintry artwork, an affordable Christmas tree, or a few seasonal trinkets to add to your collection.

Make Use of Pine Cones

Pine cones are pure holiday symbolism, and the more you discover, the better your décor! You can add a few pine cones around a couple of candles for an appealing centerpiece. You can also spray a few in metallic paint and drop them in a glass vase for a frosty, elegant arrangement.

Who says you have to skip out on the festive decorations this year? Your home can look bright and merry this season without having to break the bank by keeping some of these holiday home decorating tips in your back pocket.

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