Cakes are the most used treat used during celebrations, be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, homecoming, etc. Cakes come in a lot of flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla. 

In this digital day and age, cake lovers are in profit. With modern technology, we can order cakes right from our phones. Since you have clicked on the link to my article, I bet you are a cake lover. 

The Love for cakes breaks all barriers. No matter if you are old or young, a cake is loved by all. I own an online cake shop myself, and I have been in this business for the last five years, and I can confidently tell you the trend of ordering cakes online has never been more alive.

 A lot of holidays are coming our way, so the demand for cakes has also increased. Both the online platforms and the physical shops are doing their best to bake the most delicious cakes. But you, as a customer, where are you going to buy cakes from is the question. 

Online Platforms

Online platforms have given us the convenience to order cakes just with the tap of our phone’s screen. The COVID-19 pandemic has further fuelled the trend of ordering cakes online. 

Due to the nationwide Government-imposed lockdown, cake lovers could not get out of their homes to buy cakes from bakery shops. But the online cake shops have let them order their favorite cakes right from the comfort of their homes. The industry of online cake shops is blooming since millennials find it pretty old to go to a bakery to buy cakes. 

Advantages Of Ordering Cakes Online From An Online Platform

There are numerous advantages of online cake shops apart from the convenience that it provides. 

  1. Fast Delivery

These days online cake shops have taken it upon themselves to deliver the cake to you within a period of time; otherwise, the online cake shops will not charge anything for the cake. This ensures that the delivery is lightning fast and that the cake lover does not get disappointed. 

  1. Wide Variety

Online cake shops provide a range of mouth-watering cakes that an offline cake shop does not provide. In online cake shops, you can select the kind of cake you want to order, and all the categories are properly segregated into different sections. 

For instance, if you like butterscotch cakes, you can simply go to the butterscotch cake section and choose a wide range of butterscotch cakes from there.  

  1. Special Discounts

The best part about ordering a cake from an online cake shop is that they offer special discounts during special events. For example, during Christmas, a typical online cake shop would offer a 30% discount on chocolate cakes. 

You also get a lot of cashback and rewards for ordering cakes online. You can use those cash backs and rewards to order the cake next time.  

Physical Shops

Physical Shops are usually preferred by people that are a little old. What I personally like about physical shops because you get to eat a sample of the cake before buying.

Advantages of Physical Shop

There are a few advantages of physical shops as well. 

  1. Sample Test 

Like I mentioned before, before actually buying a cake, you can taste the sample and test to decide whether or not you want to actually buy the cake.

  1. Most Conventional Way of Buying Cake

Physical shops are mostly preferred by cake lovers and old people who are not that tech-savvy. According to them, the best quality cakes are only available at bakeries.

  1. You can give baking instructions 

Unlike online cake shops, you actually get to see the process of baking before buying. Before buying it, you can see the cake being made in front of you and you can also give instructions to the baker to make it according to your demands.

Final Verdict

Both online and offline cake shops have advantages. But I feel that online cake shops have a very big edge in this digital age since the customer can want the cake to be delivered at any time and any place.   

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