PHAT GIRL COSTUMES: A Solo Show with a Fresh Take on Body Positivity

After years of being typecast as “the bigger girl” in her professional acting career (credits include Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, ABC’s What Would You Do?, The Runner), Brooke Hoover created her solo show “PHAT GIRL COSTUMES”. Brooke isn’t new to creating her own work (including solo show “Wayward Souls”, webseries starring her rescue pets “Pageant Pom Mom” and indie short in post-production “Shyft”). But, she felt now it was time to speak out about her own struggles with her body image, especially in an industry where image is everything…or so we are told. Being a body positive advocate, Brooke realizes that the journey is just that – a journey. Self-love doesn’t always happen instantaneously – and, that’s okay. Brooke examines her own struggles with acceptance from others and self acceptance (which is often the hardest to come by). She fights to embrace her inner PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting) girl by visiting various costumes from the early 80’s to present day in a show that is part TED talk, part stand-up and of course, part theatrical in nature. “Phat Girl Costumes” had its premiere as part of Emerging Artist Theatre’s New Works Series in New York City in October 2017. Brooke’s aim is to continue to spread the message of “Phat Girl Costumes” – self-acceptance despite the odds – in the best way she knows how: through humour and vulnerability. If you would like to learn more about Brooke Hoover and “Phat Girl Costumes”, please visit

Author Credits: website:
INSTAGRAM and TWITTER @Br00keH00ver (those are zeroes not the letter O)
Photography Credits: Walter Wlodarczyk
Hair Credits: Self
Make Up Credits: Self
Style/clothing Credits: Costume Design by Anne Olivier Hoover and self

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