Meet Joi! Our Plus Size Blogger feature.

Joi Smith is a 30+ plus size style enthusiast with a love for vibrant colors, hats of every kind, and all things vintage.

Facebook: In My Joi – Style Blogger
Instagram: @inmyjoi

Joi Smith

Congratulations on all your success as a Plus Size Blogger. What was your motivation for starting your blog? Was it as a result of your personal experiences, if so, would you mind sharing a bit about that?

Thank you!!! To be completely honest, I had no idea what a blog even was! My curiosity was sparked when a number of people asked me if I was a “Blogger”. I figured it might be a good idea to look into it. After I read up on it a bit, I figured I’d give it a go – because why not?!

For our readers who don’t know – what does your blog typically cover (specific style, features, beauty, etc.) and how did you decide on this for your blog?

My blog revolves around my interpretation of personal style. I don’t have a specific style genre, I dress according to my mood. I don’t subscribe to fashion ‘rules’ or trends. In short: I wear what I like when I want. On occasion, I also share new beauty products that I’ve recently tried or trips that I’ve taken.

For our readers who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin and wearing what they want, what are some practical things you would recommend they do to help them get to the level of confidence you have?

Experiment with different types/styles of clothing. Try things on – even when you think that you won’t like them on your body. Don’t be afraid to pick a larger size-your worth is not measured in numbers. Take a photo of yourself after you’ve put together a new look, this can help you to see yourself differently. Last but certainly not least: HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! Fashion should be FUN! Always remember that you are uniquely beautiful – a layer of confidence will take any outfit to the next level 😉

How do you think blogging has changed the plus size fashion world and the body positive community? Why is it so important?

I think many women (myself included) are visual. There is nothing like being able to see/follow women who look like YOU in color, size, age, etc. thriving in life! You understand that you are not alone or isolated, rather you belong to a collective of smart, full figured, and confident women. These women have decided that they will not put happiness on hold until they lose weight…rather, they will be happy -NOW. This is important because a number of young girls and women alike suffer from low self-esteem, depression, and even suicidal thoughts- with a common trigger leading back to their weight and a stigma being associated with it. The body positive community is breaking down barriers, YES – we are PLUS SIZE and we are THRIVING!!!!

What does life look like for you outside your blog (day job, hobbies, family life, etc)

I’m a bore! LOL! Let’s see, well I am married, and I have a secular job. My day to day schedule is quite full (sometimes overwhelming), yet fulfilling. I enjoy learning new things, traveling, and R&R. Something most people are surprised to learn: I am an introvert 😉

Who are some of your style icons?

Hmm, I don’t think I have any! Like no one instantly comes to mind, although there is a long list of women whose style I absolutely LOVE.

What can readers expect next for you – do you have anything exciting you would like to share with us?

With respect to blogging, I take it one day at a time. I don’t know what’s coming down the pike, but follow along with me as I discover it 😉 I’m @InMyJoi on Instagram.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice as a little girl, what would you tell her?

I could literally write a book based on this question, as I have thought long and hard about it over the years. I even wrote a post on a similar topic. I’ll share with you an excerpt of what I shared in my blog post:

I write this letter to you from the future. Whenever you need to, pull me out, and read me. Always believe that you are beautiful, that you have value, and that you are a gift.

You will be viewed as physically unattractive by some people because you don’t fall into a certain weight range, because your hips are wider, because your legs are bigger, and even because you are covered in brown skin.

Despite how you are viewed by others, you will learn to value yourself. Everything about you is unique, beautiful, and wonderfully designed. You will discover that everyone was not created to be the exact same size, to look the exact same way, or to have the exact same body shape. Endeavor to embrace the things about you that are different. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, each facet of you is a gift. Treasure the gift that is uniquely you.

Bloggers nowadays carry significant buying power for brands and some are seen as just as influential as models, if not more influential. There have been a lot of questions and comments in the industry about models being bloggers and bloggers being models – how do you think one helps the other if it does?

I think that the two roles can work together hand in hand. Both require hard work and diligence – one is not better than the other. I celebrate women who blog and or model! It isn’t easy by any means, yet they carry it off with such style & grace! BRAVO!!!

Do you have a message you want to leave with our readers?

Remember that having confidence about your body is a journey, not a destination. There will be highs and lows. Embrace the journey. XO

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