Fit Models

by Diane De La Haye


The world of fashion can be a cruel one, but all that pain and effort surely must be worth it if the reward is seeing your gorgeous image splashed across magazine covers and displayed on billboards across the country, right? Well, not if you’re a “fit model.”

The word “fit” does not refer to energy-level or athletic build but to the way clothes shape the body. Fit models try on the garments BEFORE they go into production, so these items are in the process of becoming stylish and beautiful, and sometimes aren’t either of those things at this stage!

Fit models test the clothes for comfort and the fabric for softness while determining how well they fit the body because these are the issues that ultimately matter to the customer.

Fit models never make it to the billboard or the magazine, but are an essential part of the fashion industry.

Let’s give a hand to these fabulous ladies – three cheers for fit models!

My Twitter is @dianedelahaye and my Instagram is diane_canjam.

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