plus size model Naava Ramirez

photo: Christopher Russell; top: Forever 21 Plus; Skirt: Cato Plus; Faux Fur: personal; shoes: Nine West

Spurred by her love for fashion, Naava Ramirez has become a merchandising guru who has worked with many well-known companies, such as Belk, Macy’s, Lane Bryant and Dillard’s, just to name a few. Her love for all things fashion prompted her to begin her modeling and brand influencer career. 

Currently working in print and commercial, Ramirez is hoping to break into runway soon. She boosts her growing modelling career by constantly creating content and managing her social media accounts

Plus Size Model Naava Ramirez

photo: Christopher Russell; dress: Xclusive Curves Boutique

Plus Size Model Naava Ramirez

photo: Christopher Russell; Top: Cato Plus; Pants: Xclusive Curves Boutique

“Being a model means I can share my love of beauty and fashion, and hopefully inspire someone to know they are enough,” said Ramirez. As cliché as it sounds, to me, beauty comes from within. It’s what in your heart and it gives you a glow that no serum could compare to.” 

For her, finding inner beauty has been a journey. From an outgoing little kid to a shy introverted teen,  

Ramirez reflected, “felt my weight and how I was objectified had everything to do with it. Tbe a bold, unapologetic adult has been an ever-changing progress. It’s really never ending.” 

Ramirez’s journey has not been straight shot. “You may get side tracked, set back or rerouted, but don’t give up on your dreams,” she said. If you at least give it an honest try you can be happy in knowing you gave it your best shot. 

Plus Size Model Naava Ramirez

photo: Christopher Russell









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