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How to get your Plus Size Modeling career started!

So you think you’d like to become a plus size model but you’re not sure if it’s right for you, or even if you’re right for the plus size modelling industry, Ruby has outlined a few tips to help you get a feel for plus size modelling.

Research:  Start out by doing your research.  What type of modeling do you want to start with?  Fashion, pinup, editorial, catalogue?  All of these styles are very different and it’s important to pick one to start with.  Research photographers in your area who specialize in your chosen area.  Pay them to take test shots for you.  There are a lot of photographers out there doing TFP (time for photos…aka…free) photo-shoots.  Often, these photographers are also inexperienced themselves, so you may end up getting what you pay for.

When you pay an experienced photographer whose work you love, you will be leaving with images that will make for a great portfolio. Always remember to ask for references, and bring a friend or escort with you to a first shoot with a new photographer. If the photographer asks you to do something that you are uncomfortable with (posing nude for example) say no.  If they insist, then leave.  Any professional photographer will allow you to have an escort and will never force you to do something you are not perfectly comfortable with.

Branding:  Make a name for yourself.  Ruby Roxx is not my given name, but it is a name I chose to represent myself.  Start profiles on social media under that name.  Create a website to showcase your portfolio.  Sign up for websites like Model Mayhem to connect with other local industry professionals.

Guard your brand… not everything that is offered to you is a good opportunity. Ask questions about where and how your images will be used before signing anything.  A good rule of thumb for me, is if my photos are going to be making money for anyone…I also need to be paid.

Network:  Meet people. Talk. Expand. Reach out to local models, photographers, artists, event organizers, magazines, websites, designers, brands, and agencies.  Make sure they ALL know who you are.  I have a huge list of people to reach out to on my phone, and I send out about 100 emails a week.  I might only hear back from a couple of them, but at least I’ve tried.  Sometimes, it’s a year before I hear back from someone…but if I hadn’t have sent that first email, they maybe wouldn’t have thought of me when they did need a plus model!

Model Ready:  Even if you only shoot once a month at this point, you always want to be ready.  Models work out, have their hair and nails on point at all times, and are always freshly shaved, buffed, and moisturized.  Get enough sleep and drink lots of water.  One piece of advice I got when I first started modeling, is show up to every shoot like you’re going on a date with the hottest guy (or girl) EVER.  Wear proper shape wear and run free nylons.  Make sure every inch of you is the best it possibly can be.  But above all, exude confidence and self -love, positivity and friendliness. That is what will really make people say WOW!

Thick Skin:  This was probably the hardest step for me to learn, and I still have troubles with it at times.  As a model, you are putting yourself out there, and people will judge you.  Whether it is a cyber bully on facebook saying nasty things, or a brand or agency telling you no.  It is SO hard not to take it personally, but you just can’t.

If a brand or agency goes with another model, or tells you you aren’t right, this is NOT personal.  I am a curvy redhead, but they maybe wanted a blonde or brunette, or had an outfit that wouldn’t fit me. The list goes on and on.  It’s so important to remember that they are a business and as a model you represent YOUR look…but that look might not be for everyone!  Keep on networking and researching, and you will find a perfect fit for yourself and your look.

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