Plus This!


While the mainstream media still has an obsession with stick thin models and fashion designers the rest of the world has been empowered by the connectivity of the internet and has moved on. Blogging and social media has allowed real women to see other real women and build their confidence about who they are and what they can be.


Eva and Kathy are two such proponents of this movement and host the popular and ever-growing online talk show Plus This. They describe it as a conversation that started a while ago and hasn’t yet finished.


Kathy grew up on the East Coast and feels as though she has had to work really hard to accomplish all she has in life despite the setback of other people’s attitude towards her size. She pursued a career in film and television.


Eva grew up on the West Coast and found the culture of beauty being connected to being thin as something she had to overcome to make it in life. She wanted to make it big in Los Angeles but wasn’t considered a part of that way of life due to her size.


Things changed when an article was published in 2016 which quoted that 67% of American women are plus size it opened their eyes to the market that they could reach and the Plus This show was born! It is a sounding board for the issues that real women face day after day.


Eva pushes the message that being fat is not a disease or an illness. People treat plus size women as second class citizens because of their size. This shaming has to stop. Kathy wants to see more access to fashion for plus size women as well as role models in the media and the arts.


The Plus This show shines a light on the industries that are not fully representing plus size women. Movies, TV and Theater have low numbers of plus size women in their casts, even when parts are written specifically for plus size women. The conversation between the two women is a great way to shine this light and educate others in an entertaining way.

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