Positive Thinking – Make It A Habit

by Connie Thoreson

Positive Thinking

Do you often find yourself stuck in a web of negative thoughts? When this happens, pinpoint a thought or two that started it. Learning to recognize those negative thoughts as soon as they pop up gives you the opportunity to change them into something healthier right then and there. Alter your mood by changing your thoughts and the meaning you attach to them.

One way to do this is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Pick an alternative thought that is positive and absorb it. It is the meaning you give the thought that triggers the mood. For example, recently an exercise buddy bailed on me and I thought “How can I get healthy if people keep bailing on me?!” The mood that came with that thought was helpless frustration. The three alternative thoughts I used to change my feelings were: “I can exercise on my own” (an empowering thought);“I can line up more exercise buddies so I have backups” (also empowering); and“I could do stretch & strength today”(something I love). As a result, I did the stretch & strength on my own and felt like I was treating myself.

Practice: Relax by taking several deep breaths and focus on the sensations of breathing (“Build Confidence Through Non-Judgment” in FabUplus’s summer2017issue walks you through this process).

Think back to a recent situation that annoyed you (start with milder emotions like annoyance because they’re easier to work with).Come up with as many positive alternative thoughts as you can, and from these choose one or two.

Release the old negative thought by focusing on the new one(s). Notice how this makes you feel physically and emotionally.

Overwrite negative thought patterns with positive ones and take control of your moods!


Connie Thoreson

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